CUSHING, Okla. (KFOR) – A cold case in Texas, a missing baby, and an Oklahoma connection.

Holly Marie Clouse was a baby and went missing in 1981 after her parents were killed in Texas.

She has been found alive in Cushing Oklahoma 40 years after the case went cold.

During the time she was missing she became known as ‘Baby Holly

Just six months ago her mother and father were identified which led them to Holly who is now 42, alive and healthy, living in Cushing, Oklahoma. She has five children and two infant grandchildren. 

Who murdered her parents is still a mystery.

Texas cold case investigators say, when Holly was a baby, two women who identified themselves as members of a nomadic religious group brought Holly to a church in Arizona.  

Holly was then later adopted. Police say the parents who raised her are not suspects.

“They were wearing white robes and they were barefoot. They indicated the beliefs of their religion included the separation of male and female members practicing vegetarian habits and not using or wearing leather goods. The women indicated they had given up a baby before at a laundromat,” said Brent Webster, Texas Attorney General’s Cold Case Unit.

Police say it is believed that this particular group traveled around southwestern United States, including Arizona, California and possibly Texas.

“There were sightings of this religious group around the Yuma, Arizona, area in the early eighties. The women members would be seen around town at various points asking for food,” said Webster.

The Texas Attorney General is asking for help from the public, looking for who killed Holly’s parents, which is an ongoing pending criminal investigation.  

“In late December 1980, or early January 1981, the families of Tina Lynn Clouse and Herold Dean Clouse received a phone call from someone identifying herself as sister Susan, who explains she was calling from Los Angeles, California and wanted to return Tina and Deans car to their family. She further stated that Tina and Dean had joined their religious group and no longer wanted to have contact with their families. They were also giving up all of their possessions. Sister Susan asked for money in exchange for returning the car to Florida where the family lived. The family agreed, but contacted the local authorities about the situation,” said Webster.

The family agreed to meet sister Susan in Florida at the Daytona racetrack.

The family describes meeting two to three women and possibly one male. They were all wearing robes and appear to be members of a religious group.

“The police reportedly took the women into custody, but there’s no record of a police report on file that has been found as of yet. Given the age of this case, that is common. We’re still on the hunt for that police report,” said Webster.

The car belonged to Dean’s mother and was, in fact, the car that they had in their possession. 

On June 7, 2022, investigators arrived at Clouse’s place of employment to deliver the news. Off camera, the manager confirmed Clouse’s employment at Naifeh’s Deli & Grill. The manager said she had given Clouse the day off to take in all the new information, but she is doing well.

“My sister works with her at Naifeh’s,” said Moriah McManus. “My sister said that it’s a shock, but she’s doing okay, as good as she can. It’s kind of crazy!”

Police are still trying to find pieces of the puzzle to solve this crime. 

As for Holly’s extended family in Florida who have been looking for Holly for decades are overjoyed to reunite with Holly.  

“Our resources are certainly there assisting where we can with Holly and trying to help her process all the changes that she’s now going through. We’re an organization that’s built on hope. Hope that we’ll find every child and get them home safely. We tell the searching parents all the time, just don’t give up hope until proven otherwise. Don’t give up hope on your child,” said John Bischoff, Vice President Missing Children Division 

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children says it takes just one person and a dedicated police force to break one case. 

They are working on reuniting the family face to face.  

IF you know of any information that could help investigators you are urged to call 512-936-0742 or email