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45 years ago, a dead whale exploded, blasting whale parts high into the sky across a beach in Florence, Oregon.

Back in 1970, engineers weren’t sure how to dispose of the rotting beached 45-foot whale carcass – eight tons of pure stink.

They thought it would be unearthed if they buried it, no one wanted to chop it up, so they had the dynamite idea of blowing it up.

The man in charge of the project, Oregon Highway Engineer George Thornton, told a reporter for KATU, “Well, I’m confident that it’ll work, the only thing is, we’re not sure just exactly how much explosives it will take to disintegrate this thing so the scavengers, seagulls, and crabs, and what not can clean it up.”

Well, it turned out that a half ton of dynamite was way, way too much.

The explosion shot whale parts all over onlookers, and even flattened some cars in the parking lot!

You can hear in the video the sounds of dead whale splattering on the beach.

These days, when a whale washes ashore in Oregon, they bury it onsite or transport it to another beach for burial – a much more dynamite idea.

See the original 1970 news report in its entirety here.