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OKLAHOMA CITY — One person is in serious condition following a car crash involving a school bus carrying special needs students.

It happened around 9 a.m. on Tuesday on S.W. 44th, between Western and Penn.

“If I would have gotten on the bus, it would have took me,” Araseli Fonseca, a 7th grader who witnessed the crash, told News 4. “Down over there by the street, the car was coming. It was fine, but then it started going really fast.”

Then, the driver of the car smashed into the parked school bus carrying the two special needs students.

“They hit the bus at a very high rated speed,” said Chief Cameron Weems, the acting Oklahoma City Fire Department chief on scene. “The people that were in the car that hit the bus, there were two people in that car, they’re in serious condition and we sent them level one trauma to the hospital.”

The two special needs students who were on the bus were transported as well to be checked out.

“The children are alright, which is always good to hear,” Weems said. “I wish everybody was alright, but we can take that with us.”

As for Fonseca, she’s counting her blessings because she and her sister are okay.

“I’m thankful and so was my sister because she was right behind me,” Fonseca said. “Good thing I was in front because she would have maybe died or gotten hurt.”