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CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. – A little girl has been mauled by two dogs in rural Cleveland County.

Cleveland County officials said they found the 7-year-old girl at Dollar General and her injuries were so severe she was rushed to OU Children’s.

“I need an ambulance to meet me at 180th,” said a caller. “A child got bit, mauled, mauled by a Pitbull.”

The horrifying call came into 911 Monday afternoon.

“Our deputies were dispatched to the Dollar General on 180th and Highway 9 in reference to a 7-year-old female that had been attacked by multiple dogs,” said Captain Jeff Cox with the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department.

Cox said the child was playing outside with her neighbor Monday afternoon when she was mauled by her neighbor’s two dogs.

“We’re not getting a whole lot of information, but they’re stating the 7-year-old’s face has been ripped of by pitbulls,” said the dispatcher.

“There were playing outside,” Cox said. “This is a natural occurrence for them. The child comes over periodically and visits with their kids and, for unknown reasons, the dog attacked the child.”

“How serious are the injuries?” the dispatcher said.

“Pretty damn serious,” the caller said.

Cleveland County officials said the two dogs are a mixed breed, pitbull type.

“I’m going to have animal welfare come out and put those dogs down,” the caller said.

“There’s an investigation being conducted,” Cox said. “We’ll determine whether or not charges need to be filed and go from there.”

The child’s condition is unknown.

Cleveland County officials said the dogs were taken to a local vet where they will be euthanized or quarantined.