CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – An 8th birthday party was filled with strangers after an Oklahoma family found out no one was coming. One social media post made her birthday dreams come true. A little girl’s birthday turned into a success at the last minute with the help of many in the community.  

The quiet yard and house in Cleveland County were quickly filled with several people from the community including many from the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office. The family was almost ready to call it quits on the party until they saw a ton of sheriff cars lined up in front of the home. That’s when they knew the party was on! 

“I just wanted people at my party,” said Heather Delk, birthday girl.  

“At one moment it was like, nothing’s going to happen. I’m not going to decorate. We’re not going to do any of this. And then in a matter of seconds, I was like, we need area and decorate,” said Jennifer McCallister, Heather’s mother.  

It all started with a cry for help on Facebook from 8-year-old, Heather’s, stepfather, Troy Richard’s, asking for anyone to come and make her birthday special.  

Heather’s mother was in tears over the situation. 

“I said, whatever you can do to make kids come, it was bad,” said McCallister. 

Heather’s mother was in tears over the situation. 

“It was hard on me, too, because, like, she was excited… and then at the last second, they bailed out. And I was like, that can’t happen. I made a post and like I said, it blew up,” said Troy Richards, Heather’s stepfather.

Heather’s mother sent out invitations to her friends at school, and soon found out her friends couldn’t make it. 

“I sent the invitations to her school for people her age to be here and for her to actually have a party. And I didn’t want her to feel like I have before, you know, and knowing that nobody is going to show up,” said McCallister. 

So, when the family heard those sirens, they knew the party was going to be a hit.  

“I think any time you hear about something like that, especially such a young girl, I mean, she’s only eight and just all of a sudden be like, hey, we’re not going to have your birthday party, and be that devastated. And for them to just make up for it, it’s just incredible… You never know when something like that could just change an entire girl’s day,” said Hunter McKee, Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office public information officer. 

The deputies who showed up spent their own money and resources to get Heather gifts.  

“We got with the parents, went and got a bunch of gifts, around 8 to 10 gifts, got a big bag of stuff, showed up, lights on, got out, walked up to the girl. It was a complete surprise,” said McKee.  

It wasn’t just the Sheriff’s Office who came, strangers from the neighborhood came as well. 

“I didn’t know any of them, but I welcomed them,” said McCallister. 

After several on Facebook heard the news, people sent gifts to the home too.  

“Even people said that they couldn’t show up, but they wanted to show up and give her a gift. Like, I open the door. There’s gifts at the door. It’s just crazy. There’s a lot of people that showed up,” said Richards.  

We asked Heather what the best part of the party was. She said, A lot of people coming, and it was just so fun,” said Delk.   

Some of Heather’s favorite presents she received were Pokémon cards along with a horseback riding session gifted by one of the deputies.