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WYNNEWOOD, Okla. – A warning before you head to the kitchen to make family dinner: a Wynnewood boy was severely burned after a pressure cooker accident.

The 9-year-old and his grandmother were sent to a local burn unit following the kitchen catastrophe.

Aiden Tuley and his grandma say they were using a pressure cooker to cook beans.

They believe they had too much water in it and within minutes, it exploded, leaving them severely burned.

“This felt like it was piercing through my skin and it’s just awful,” said Tuley.

Tuley used to love helping his family cook dinner.

He and his grandma decided to test out their new pressure cooker when things took a terrifying turn.

“We are unplugging it, we are releasing the pressure, my nana puts too much water in there,” said Tuley. “It was like, all you could hear is just the water coming out and it came to attack.”

Aiden’s body is now covered in blisters and burns.

He had 2nd degree burns and his grandma suffered 3rd degree burns.

“It was hard, like you don’t want to experience the pain,” said Tuley. “Sometimes I can`t even hardly sleep. Like last night I was up until 4:00am.”

His mom, Maria Galvan was working out when she got the call.

“I heard him say I didn’t deserve this and I knew it was serious and it broke my heart,” said Galvan.

There are safety tips and warnings about pressure cookers online.

Maria suggests parents and grandparents do their research before ever using one.

“I wish I could just take it all back and know more or maybe even tell my mom not to buy that or get it,” said Galvan.

Aiden’s now scarred and has a warning for anyone using a pressure cooker.

“I would suggest at least using or making sure you have the right amount of water or release the pressure until there’s not even a little bit of air coming out and unplug it when you take off the lid,” said Galvan.

Thankfully, doctors don’t think Aiden will be left with any permanent scars, but he will be a little more limited with any physical activity.