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OKLAHOMA CITY –  Automobile Alley was once a predominant district for car dealerships in Oklahoma City and now a new addition to the area is paying tribute to the past.

Automobile Alley has been part of Oklahoma City since the 1920s when it became home to 52 of Oklahoma City’s first 76 auto dealerships.

However, things have changed quite a bit in recent times.

From coffee shops to bike stores, the district has something for everyone.

But some people still want a little more of the history of the district to take center stage.

On Friday, J&B Graphics  installed two 20’x30′ signs on top of the old Buick building, located at 1101 N. Broadway.

The building has been vacant for years but is now getting a facelift.

The signs will both replicate the original design of the Buick Motorcars logo and will be outlined in neon.

The top floor of the structure will be renovated into lofts with the new 22-foot sign beaming neon lights across Automobile Alley.

Both signs were designed by a local architecture company Fitzsimmons Architects, who have helped on many Oklahoma City projects including monuments, master planning, commercial, institutional and residential projects and historic preservation.

According to Christi Williams, a representative from J&B Graphics, this installation is considered another step in the renovation of the downtown/Automobile Alley area.

Residents say it’s important to remember where we came from and also where the city is going.