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OKLAHOMA CITY — There’s still no word on what caused the explosion at a metro home over the weekend.

It happened early Saturday morning. One home was leveled and dozens more were damaged.

Damage from explosion
Damage to Boyd home from explosion

Three people were transported to the hospital. One of those patients was in the home where the explosion happened.

Next door to the explosion, a couple was asleep when they woke to the sound of the blast and their home falling around them.

“They were pinned. He looked over through this hole and could see the fire,” Michael  Boyd said.

Monday, Boyd’s grandson took NewsChannel 4 inside their home to see the damage.

“This looks like F4, F5 tornado damage,” Michael Boyd said.

Damage to Boyd House from explosion
Damage to Boyd house from explosion

Insulation blankets lay on the floor of the home, along with drywall and other debris.

“They were in bed. They woke up to the blast, and the ceiling immediately caved in on them,” Boyd said. “The amount of power that went through this place, it’s astounding. It’s a miracle no one was killed.”

The Christmas tree was still up before the explosion. It’s now smashed by the debris.

Michael’s grandmother came back to the house for the first time Monday.

“Very hard to watch her see it,” he said.

Damage from explosion
Damage to Boyd house from explosion

There were more than 30 years of memories in that home.

Boyd said, “We still have Grandma and Grandpa. Things can be replaced.”

Immediately after the blast, neighbors rushed to help the Boyds and the man next door. All three were taken to the hospital.

Michael and others are just amazed that man next door survived.

“Only way you can describe it is it’s a miracle,” he said.

The Boyd family had two cats that were trapped by falling debris. Firefighters were able to help get the cats out safely.

Oklahoma Natural Gas released this statement late Monday.

“The status of the investigation into the cause of the incident is ongoing and we continue to cooperate with the Oklahoma City Fire Department, Oklahoma Corporation Commission and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

The timetable for filing a report on the results of the investigation with federal and state agencies is February 1, 2016.

Natural gas service has been interrupted, affecting five residential customers. As service becomes available, crews will be made available to turn service back on. Customers will need to be at home in order to have their service restored.

We continue to actively work with those residents unable to return to their homes to secure temporary accommodations and other means of assistance.”  – Cherokee Ballard/Communications Manager