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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – For three years, Daisy has spent her days in DHS custody, studying all things equine and dreaming of having a horse of her own. 

Daisy has studied the equine species from muzzle to tail, learning everything she knows from her favorite book.

It’s basically an encyclopedia on horses.

“And they’ve got like, breeds, at the end of the book,” said Daisy.

While visiting the different rescued residents at Nexus Equine Rescue, we tested Daisy’s knowledge.

“He’s an Appaloosa,” Daisy said of a spotted gelding. 

Daisy knows her stuff. She also isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, feeding and caring for the horses.

Above all, like the best riders, Daisy connects with the animals quickly.

The young girl has a sweet soul.

The last three years haven’t been easy for her – searching for the perfect connection with a forever family. Her message to them is simple. 

“I would like to live with y’all and hopefully y’all have horses that I can ride,” she said.

She’s a young girl with dreams of riding off into the sunset with a family and a place to call home.

Your best shot at adopting a child is to go ahead and get the process started. It can take a few months to get approved. For all of the details, contact the DHS hotline at 1-800-376-9729 or visit online.

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