17-year-old determined to succeed, even though he’s still searching for a family and a place to call home

A Place to Call Home

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A young man KFOR first featured two years ago in his search to find a place to call home is about to age out of DHS custody but determined to find success – with or without a family.

Gabe is now 17 years old, nearly an adult.

He’s determined to become the first member of his biological family to graduate high school.

Gabe is driven by his goal to become a nurse or mechanic – jobs in which he says he knows he can make a difference.

“It’s just been a passion since I was little, I’ve wanted to help people to give back to my community,” Gabe said. 

Gabe is a polite young man – fun and easy to be around.

He’s always focused on the well-being of others, even though through the course of life, he has faced many challenges.

“In my past, people have said ‘you’re going to be a failure,'” Gabe said. 

However, he hasn’t let that – or nearly 7 years searching for a loving family – bring him down

“I choose not to be a failure, I choose to be a great success,” said Gabe.

He’s a senior in high school now, nearing his goal of being the first in his family to graduate – but that also means – he’s months away from legally becoming an adult.

Gabe says he does have some worries about not being adopted. 

“Yes, because I don’t know what my support system is going to be,” he said. “No, because I know if I become a great successful person, I’ll have my support still in myself.”

Gabe says the size of the family doesn’t matter, he knows love is what makes a family special.

Your best shot at adopting a child is to go ahead and get the process started. It can take a few months to get approved. For all of the details, contact the DHS hotline at 1-800-376-9729 or visit online.

A Place to Call Home is sponsored by True Sky Credit Union.

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