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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – You probably remember Jordan.

When KFOR met 9-year-old Jordan and asked him what he would wish for if he had three wishes, he told us he would only need one.

“To have a family, and family, family. Those are the only wishes I have,” Jordan said.

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services received around 10,000 inquiries from folks asking how they can adopt this special kid.

After that overwhelming response, OKDHS tells News 4 that Jordan’s wish is going to be granted.

It’s no secret a family would be a dream come true. Jordan lives at a group home now but would love a sense of normalcy and the unconditional love of a parent.

“The reason it’s important is because so I could have some people to talk to anytime I need to,” Jordan said. “I hope one of y’all pick me.”

“I hope one of y’all pick me,” 9-year-old boy desperately wants a place to call home

Jordan’s story ended up reaching the entire country with hundreds of people reaching out to KFOR, wanting to adopt him. Calls poured in from places as far as New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, and Kentucky to name a few.

This 9-year-old’s desire to find a family reached the masses in just a couple of days.

“I would just like to have a family to call mom and dad, or just mom, or just dad. I don’t really care,” Jordan said in an interview in July.

This happy news is not surprising. KFOR has been flooded with emails and phones calls asking about Jordan.

Most of the calls and emails are from folks throughout Oklahoma and across the nation who want to adopt Jordan, and many others are from people who want to help the young man or send a kind message of support to him.

The exact details of Jordan’s new Place To Call Home are private, but KFOR wishes Jordan all the best!

DHS says they really need foster families right now that can take care of older children, sibling groups and children with special needs.

If in Oklahoma, you can call the OKDHS hotline at 1-800-376-9729 to find out more information or fill out a form online here.

To date, A Place to Call Home has helped 152 children find forever homes.

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