“He seemed sad,” Oklahoma couple find missing piece to their family

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Barb and Patrick have always wanted to have a child together.

"We always knew we did and so we tried to have a baby, tried to get pregnant, and we couldn't and so adoption. There's lots of babies who need love and need help," Barb Yeary said.

The couple says they had talked about adopting, but didn't go any farther until watching KFOR one day.

That was the first time the Yearys laid eyes on Will.

"He just seemed really sweet and thoughtful. He seemed sad," she said.

At that point, the couple began looking into the adoption process.

"And saw there were older kids that were overlooked because everyone wants to adopt a baby," Patrick said.  "And we started looking and there were thousands of adolescent teenage kids that don't have a place to call home."

Eventually, the couple went through the process to adopt Will.

During the adoption interview process, Will was even able to ask them a few questions.

"How will we handle him being a Heat fan?" Patrick said.

"We had to think about it. We said we would work through it. Luckily, he was kidding," Barb said.

His sense of humor was just one of the things that won over the Yeary family.

Now, this 16-year-old is thriving at a new school and enjoys being social.

"We've been able to embarrass him from the get go and act like normal parents do so it's been surprisingly easy," Barb said.

There are actually a lot of perks to adopting a teenager.

"He likes to sleep. He can bathe and change himself and take care of himself. We just have to make sure he's fed and it's a whole different ball game,” Barb said, laughing.

It's going to be a Happy New 'Yeary' come January 3 when Will's adoption is finalized.

"It's one of those things we didn't think about before we saw your show and so we hope that more people will do the same thing we did."

In case you were wondering, Will wants to be a chef or an engineer when he grows up.

With a solid foundation now at his feet, the world is his to conquer.

Visit the Oklahoma DHS website for more information on adopting a child.

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