“If you get adopted you can have someone there for you,” Teen in DHS custody wants a family

A Place to Call Home
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OKLAHOMA  CITY – Nicholas loves going to school because he’s involved in so many sports activities. He’d love to have a family who also enjoys sports.

We took Nicholas on a fun excursion to the wild west at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.

“Tell me the cool kid lingo because I don’t know it these days. I bet you don’t even say cool,” Reporter Lacey Lett said.

“Fresh,” Nicholas said.

“And that means. That’s a good thing? Like cool?” Lett asked.


Luckily, eighth-grader Nicholas was there to help me stay in the know with the latest teen lingo.

We took this 14-year-old on his first trip to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.

There, he learned all about the cowboys in those wild west movies while Lett learned more about him.

“Do you like history?” Lett asked.

“Yeah,” Nicholas said.

“What’s your favorite subject?”

“Math,” he said.

He also loves sports. But this teen is multi-talented.

“Most likely football, basketball and I’m in band,” Nicholas said.

He plays the clarinet now but wants to learn how to play the drums next year, and this teen is also focused on his future goals.

“First a rapper. Second, NBA. If that don’t work, plumber,” Nicholas said.

His foster father is a plumber and thinks it would be a great career.

Nicholas likes it at his foster dad’s house, but it’s hard to tell how long he’ll be there.

“You’ve probably moved a dozen times? Maybe more than that?” Lett asked.

“Yes more than that. More than a hundred.”

He hopes to finally find a permanent home after being under DHS custody five years, and most importantly — a family who will provide unconditional love and support.

“When you’re 18, you’re going to be out on your own and if you get adopted you can have someone there for you,” he said.

A teen looking for A Place To Call Home.

For more information on adopting Nicholas, call Tom Peterson at (405) 325-9398.

If you’re interested in fostering, call the foster parent hotline at 1-800-376-9729 or visit CLICK HERE.

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