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OKLAHOMA CITY – Summer is an easygoing young lady who has had to grow up too quickly.

The 17-year-old was placed in state custody two years ago and has been trying to keep a normal life at school.

Right now, she lives in a group home and can often be found in the kitchen.

“I’m the oldest and they don’t usually let people cook, but since I like to cook and everything. They say, ‘Oh, since you’re the oldest, you’re mature enough to cook,'” Summer said.

While cooking and baking is something Summer enjoys, movies are her favorite pastime.

She says she’s shy now but wants to use acting as an outlet one day.

“My major is going to be theater because I love movies. Movies are my thing,” she said.

She loves Morgan Freeman, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, but would also like to direct movies.

Right now, she’s focused on being adopted.

“It’s better for me. It’s better than just like staying at a shelter. You are going to have a family and have a home to go back to. Like when I go to college, I don’t have to just stay in dorms and see my friends and stuff. I could go back home and have a home cooked meal,” she said.

“I would like to have a mom and a dad because I need a mom and a dad figure, and yeah, I would want siblings,” Summer said. “Of course, I like littler kids. Adorable. I mean they’re sticky, but they’re adorable.”

While circumstances with her biological family have forced her into DHS custody, this compassionate teen still shares a sense of responsibility.

“I would want to get on my feet, have my own house or apartment. Have a job, being able to pay bills and pay for a vehicle, then I would like to help them,” she said

A selfless 17-year-old hoping to find a family before she ages out in December.

For more information on Summer, call Tom Peterson at 405-325-9398.

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