“My future is my biggest fear,” Straight A student seeking a family before graduation

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Cheyeanne is an independent teenager who recently decided she wanted to be adopted.

She just turned 17 years old, has straight A's in school and works at a grocery store to save money for college.

Creating art is Cheyeanne's passion, and she hopes to use her gift in a career as a graphic designer or animator.

"People get to see you through your artwork without having to talk or without having to write or without having to express everything," she said.

Her artwork is a beautiful display of her emotions, and you would never know she is actually color blind.

"It does have my nerves in it in the edges and, if you go into specific detail with it, you can see like the happiness with it, with the colors I chose. But, then, you can also see anxiety with the edginess,” Cheyeanne said.

Her passion for art is more than a paint brush on canvas.

"Even to make T-shirts or to make pillows or to make designs on shoes, it really doesn't matter as long as you can do something you love while you work. It's not really a job,” Cheyeanne said.

Cheyeanne had a very tough childhood but said those challenges made her who she is today.

"I can't really change it, because it's what defines me, but I can define my future," she said.

She said she doesn't want to be in a foster home any longer.

"You can always say you're a part of the family, but you're not. You're always the foster kid,” Cheyeanne said. "Sometimes, I'm okay with being different, you know, I own up to it but, sometimes, I just want to be able to come home, relax and be yourself, but you can't do that."

She said being in foster care is a constant struggle to fit in.

Cheyeanne feels like her time to find a family is running out since she'll turn 18 before she graduates.

"It's one of those 'you've got to figure it out now,' and you don't want to rush your future, but my future is my biggest fear,” Cheyeanne said."What am I going to come home to? A sad, lonely apartment with a tub of ice cream? You just never know. You want a family to come home to. You want to have something to do for the holidays."

Cheyeanne knows she can handle this big crossroads in her life, but she's just hoping she doesn't have to do it alone.

"I wanted to have it planned out, but life's not what you expect it to be, so you have to play with the cards you're getting,” Cheyeanne said.

If you're interested in adopting Cheyeanne or learning more about the adoption process, DHS would love to hear from you.

Call them at 405-767-2955.

Visit www.okdhs.org for more information on adopting a child.

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