“They’re wonderful kids,” Young siblings looking for adoptive home 

A Place to Call Home
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EDMOND, Okla. – 5-year-old Gorgonio and 4-year-old Vivianna have big imaginations and look out for each other.

Gorgonio, who likes to go by Gornio, is a protective older brother. He makes sure he knows where his baby sister is.

Vivianna likes unicorns while Gorgonio is a big fan of Transformers and Spongebob.

“Yeah, I watch Spongebob on Nickelodeon,” he said.

When it comes to food, these siblings have similar tastes.

“His favorite food’s at Braum’s,” Vivianna said.

“I like ice cream,” Gorgonio said, adding he likes to order the cookie monster sundae.

“Pink is my favorite color, so I like pink ice cream,” Vivianna said.

Vivianna is your typical girly-girl.

“She likes anything purple, pink, glittery, bold. Anything that’s shiny, but she’s also a girl who doesn’t mind going outside and playing on the trampoline,” Tifani Burns with OKDHS said.

Vivianna and Gorgonio love making mud pies.

“Gorgonio enjoys going to the lake and he likes collecting seashells there,” Burns said.

The brother and sister have been in DHS custody for three years.

“They’re wonderful kids. I think they would do best with a two-parent home, active parents. Kids in the home is fine. They get along with other peers. They make friends well,” Burns said.

Fun-loving kiddos just looking for a place to call home.

For more information on Gorgonio and Vivianna, call Tom Peterson at 405-325-9398.

If you’re interested in fostering, call the foster parent hotline at 1-800-376-9729 or click here.

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