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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – He’s been featured on KFOR four times in his search for a place to call home, and time is running out for him to find a forever family.

His 18th birthday is less than a year away and his DHS caseworkers say he’s matured a lot – working on himself in hopes of being adopted before then.

It’s been six years since we first featured Thomas.

Since then, every time we’ve met him, we’ve learned he’s continued to work on himself – in hopes of finding a family to love.

“Not arguing, saying yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes sir, no sir,” Thomas told News 4 in 2015. 

In 2015, Thomas was learning his manners.

In 2019, he said he’d found refuge in the church and was growing in his faith.

“I’ve gotten better with God which is before I couldn’t really hear him, but I feel like he’s more telling me,” Thomas said

Fast forward to this year – 2021 – he’s owning up to his mistakes of the past – and learning from them.

Searching for a family is tough – and he struggled with it.

“Some of that is my fault. I didn’t behave as much as I should but I really want to work toward a home because I feel I can really do it this time,” Thomas told News 4. 

Case workers say that many families are hesitant to adopt teenagers.

“A lot of people fear that they come with a long history, long past and different things and it would be hard for us to deal with,” said Jake Funderburk with DHS. 

But it is possible – through family therapy – and whatever it takes – which Thomas is willing to do to find a family before he turns 18 next February.

“It’s definitely nerve-wracking, for sure. I’m not ready to be 18 yet, that’s for sure but time doesn’t go on my decisions,” said Thomas. 

Thomas wants a family that will make him feel loved – and safe.

“Just a family that’s going to keep me and let me stay there for however long I need to stay,” he said.

Thomas is a teen who’s never stopped fighting to find the love he deserves – in a place to call home.

“Thomas needs a chance, he really does,” said Funderburk.

Your best shot at adopting a child is to go ahead and get the process started. It can take a few months to get approved. For all of the details contact the DHS hotline at 1-800-376-9729 or visit online.

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