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OKLAHOMA CITY – Police quickly wrapped an investigation into a metro robbery from earlier this month.

Oklahoma City police detectives didn’t have much trouble finding the alleged perpetrator in the case, since she left them a major clue at the crime scene.

Sunday night, June 12th the manager at the Braum’s located at 7025 South Western called police after a woman stole food and ice cream from the Fresh Market inside the restaurant.

The manager on duty told investigators the suspect stuffed the goods into her purse and walked out without paying.

According to the police report, the manager confronted the suspect in the parking lot.

“She put her hand in her purse, indicating she has a gun, and threatens to shoot him,” said Oklahoma City Police Master Sergeant Gary Knight. “So, the suspect leaves, and the manager goes back inside. That’s when one of the other employees says ‘Hey, she was just here and just applied for a job, and we still have her job application with all of her information on it.'”

According to Braum’s surveillance video, one hour before the robbery, the suspect, Crystal Urrutia, 34, popped into that same store to fill out an employment application.

Police matched the Braum’s surveillance with a recent mug shot to solve the crime.

“The funny thing about this is she chose to steal right after filling out a job application, providing all of her information to them and the police,” Knight said.

Urrutia lives less than a mile from the Braum’s.

Her family didn’t have much to say about the crime.

Oklahoma City police said Urrutia has a rap sheet a mile long.

The Oklahoma County Jail has more than 100 mug shots on file.

Urrutia was arrested for felony robbery by Village police a few days after the robbery.

She’s still behind bars at the Oklahoma County Jail, being held on a $20,000 bond.