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OKLAHOMA CITY – Four murders, police said, have all been committed by the same man.

The victims were killed between July and October of last year.

The accused killer is Mario Normore; he was already in jail for a string of robberies.

Normore’s crimes date back to 2010; now, police believe he’s their number one suspect in the series of 2017 homicides, one being Searra Howe’s.

“We miss her everyday, a lot of people do,” said Tabitha Howe.

Tabitha said she misses her late sister, Searra.

Searra was just 21 years old when police found her body last November; she was murdered. Her mother, Melissa, spoke us to last year in efforts to locate her daughter when she didn’t return home from a quick trip to McDonald’s.

Now, nearly a year later, police said they believe they know Normore committed the crimes.

“To see the person who took her and other people too is just crazy. It was weird before, but it’s really real now knowing we’re looking at the person who did it,” Tabitha said.

Normore is already in jail for a string of armed robberies at businesses and banks – everything from dollar stores to a pizza restaurant.

“Normore has been charged with 10 robberies total, and the district attorney has accepted charges on four murders,” said Officer Megan Morgan.

According to new court documents, a witness who personally knows Normore ID’ed him during one of the robberies. Now, he’ll be charged with not one but four murders.

“The first incident was the double homicide of Bashar Burks and Ashley Easton who were found near Wilshire Boulevard and north Air Depot,” Morgan said.

The third was Searra and the fourth James Steven Knowles who has been missing since October of last year.

“Based on the investigation, Normore is being charged with Knowles’ murder, although the body has yet been found,” Morgan said.

The news was a shock to the Howe family who tells us they want justice.

“I do want to see him, and I want him to see me and I want him to see him just because he needs to know she wasn’t just a random person, that she had people that cared about her,” Tabitha said.

Police said Normore knew all his victims, but so far no word yet on his motive.