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MCLEANSVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) – High school can be tough for a lot of kids.

Many people try to fit in with the right clothes and the right friends, but not having those things can make you the target of bullies.

Jared Newby, a sophomore at Northeast Guilford High School, was the center of a joke because of his worn out sneakers.

Little did he know, a senior in his French class would go out of his way to change that.

“Jared’s a smart guy. He comes to class, he doesn’t bother anybody. He does his work all the time,” Yaovi Mawuli said.

During French class, a student began to make fun of Jared’s old shoes.

“When he started talking about it, it just saddened me,” Yaovi said.

“They hurt because of the grit, which I had to stand on because the soles on the inside had popped out,” Jared said.

Yaovi is known for his stylish taste in shoes.

He says he buys and trades different shoes online to add to his collection.

“So I decided to just give a pair of shoes that I had in Jared’s size to him,” Yaovi said.

However, he wasn’t exactly sure how to make that happen, so he turned to a group on Facebook for advice.

His post said he just wanted to “help a brother out.”

“I told them what I was doing and asked them, ‘Is there a way I can do it without him feeling bad?” Yaovi recalled.

The next day, a school counselor called Jared to her office and gave him the shoes from Yaovi.

“The first thing I did when I got my new shoes was I threw the old ones away,” Jared said.

The senior and sophomore then took a picture together, which has since made the rounds on social media.

“It felt like I was standing on air,” Jared said.

The shoes Yaovi gave Jared were a pair of “Concord” Air Jordan 11 lows.

“I don’t think this is something big, I think this is something small. It’s something everybody should be doing every day. We can make the world a better place just by doing the small stuff,” Yaovi said.

“Sometimes with the dumb stuff that goes on in this world, the small little things that people will do for other people gives me a little bit more hope in the survival of humanity,” said Jared.

“If you give back, that’s the only way you can get blessed. The Word said just help others out and you’ll get exactly what you gave back,” Yaovi said. “Whenever you have a chance to give, just give to somebody else beside yourself.”

“Just giving somebody something they don’t have that they need makes a huge difference to start with,” said Jared.

“Yaovi, he’s awesome,” said Jared Newby.

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