OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) — An activist group held a small protest at the State Capitol to speak out against the “Save Women’s Sports” law on Sunday. 

“It is an extremely harmful and dangerous piece of discriminatory legislation,” said Fiona Morford, an activist with Boiling Point Organization. 

The bill, signed into law by Governor Kevin Stitt last Wednesday, bars anyone born a male from competing on a women’s sports team. 

“The reality is men are biologically different than women,” said Gov. Stitt on Wednesday. “We are not being intellectually honest with ourselves if we think it’s ok for biological males to compete in women’s sports. That’s all we are saying, that’s all this bill says.” 

The group is calling this piece of legislation an attack on the transgender community. 

“They want to demonize a marginalized group,” said Morford. “The attacks that come on the trans community and other communities at this time, they’re painful.” 

The group, along with a handful of other supporters, laid athletic shoes along the stairs at the Capitol, to show they’re standing with those impacted by the measure. 

“We really wanted to put out a symbolic and physical gesture to queer kids as well as the legislature that queer kids are welcome here,” said Morford. 

The activists also argued on Sunday that biological men do not have a clear advantage over women when it comes to competing in sports. 

“They’re going through all of these mental obstacles,” said Skye Brunken-Atkins, the director of volunteers for the Boiling Point Organization. “They’re going through these physical obstacles. They’re going through hormonal obstacles… If you want to be the best, beat the best.”