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ADA, Okla. – Patric Eddy, 25, and Candace Matthews, 26, are behind bars at the Pontotoc County Justice Center on $250,000 each, accused of child neglect.

Their 16-day-old baby girl, Mia’Kota Eddy, was severely burned while being bathed by a 16-year-old cousin on December 27.

According to court documents, the teen “stated the infant was in the sink under the running water and she said she turned off what she thought was the hot water however she accidentally turned off the cold water.”

That teenager and her mother contacted Patric and Matthews to come get the baby.

But, the next day when they went to check on her, they found the parents passed out and saw they had not sought medical treatment for the burn.

They took the baby and called 911 for help.

“If we hadn’t got her help, she could’ve laid there and died,” said LaCretia McDow.

Mia’Kota was flown by helicopter to Oklahoma City, and police went to the parents’ home to check on them.

“They were still passed out, did not even know that they had agreed to let the baby go and it was later determined that they were both very high on meth,” said Ada City spokesperson Lisa Bratcher.

According to court documents, Matthews made statements “that she could not take the child to the hospital because she was high on meth.”

“Candace is a good mom when she’s not using, a very good mom. But, the addiction has taken over,” McDow said.

Matthews’ family said she doesn’t need to be locked up – she needs to be in rehab.

Mia’Kota is now at a burn center in Arkansas and is improving.

“She is off the ventilator. And, they said she’s doing really good, and they said they’re not going to have to do skin grafts now, which is what we’ve prayed for,” McDow said.

And, she’s now praying this causes Patric and Matthews to get the help they need.

There are no charges filed against the 16-year-old who burned the baby.

Officials said it was simply an accident.