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NORMAN, Okla — An adult film star was busted after Bedlam, and News 4 got a first look at why officers say they had no choice but to haul Jesse Jane off to jail.

The Oklahoma native was enjoying an OU win at Bedlam, but a night full of celebrations ended with the actress getting carted off to jail.

Norman police released body camera video of the night Jane was arrested.

Cindy Taylor, known to most as adult film actress Jesse Jane, was visibly intoxicated on Nov. 10, officers say.

EMSSTAT was the first to respond to a call of an unresponsive female lying on the sidewalk in Norman near east Main and Jones. Police arrived shortly after.

Officer: “Jesse?”

Jesse: “I didn’t do anything.”

Police tried reasoning with the actress, even going as far as to help her find a ride home.

Officer: “Can we call someone for you to come pick you up?”

Jesse: “Okay, yes as long as you know I didn’t do anything.”

This back-and-forth between the officer and the actress goes on for more than five minutes.

Officer: “No one is saying you did anything, we just need to know if we can call somebody.”

Jesse: ”Yes, yes”

Officer: “What number do we need to call for you?”

Jesse: “Whatever.”

Officer: “No, I’m asking you to give me a number.”

According to the affidavit, Jane said her friends left her there on the sidewalk alone. She refused medical attention and couldn’t provide officers with details to help her find a way to avoid jail.

Officer: “Do you have a phone number that we call for you, and have someone pick you up?”

Jesse: “I’m trying but you’re yelling at me.”

Officer: “I’m not yelling at you.”

By this point, several minutes after she was found passed out on the sidewalk, the officer’s patience was growing thin.

He tried asking Jane if she had enough money to pay for a cab, but she was again unable to give an answer.

Jesse: “I’m not making an excuse, I’m not. I have no reason to, I have no reason to lie.”

With no money, no phone and no more options, the adult star was going to jail.

Jesse: “Just take me.”

Officer: “Alright, you’re under arrest for public intoxication,”

Jane was booked into the Cleveland County Jail on a municipal charge of public intoxication.

News 4 attempted to contact Jane for the story, but did not receive a call back.

After this story aired, Jane sent a private message to News 4 on Twitter, saying she was drugged and when officers realized this, she was let go. Jane also said she never spent the night in jail.