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CHEROKEE, Okla. — A Cherokee woman is facing three felony charges after police say she tried to steal a stranger’s baby.

Leslie Jovan McDonald, 38, has been charged with 1st degree burglary, attempted child stealing, and child abuse by injury.

According to court documents, McDonald forced her way into Shania Walborn’s home on the 200 block of W. 9th Street in September and tried to take a baby from her arms.

“She started saying my daughter was her’s and that all the children of the world are hers and she’s going to have them all eventually,” recalled Walborn. “It just scared me. I kept moving her from one side to the other because I didn’t know what to do. I was just terrified my daughter’s taken from me.”

McDonald allegedly wanted to speak with Walborn’s husband, claiming he was the father of her children. When she stopped trying to take the baby, Walborn says she tried to take the family dog.

Walborn tells News 4, she texted her mother-in-law who arrived at the home three minutes later. Eventually, they were able to get McDonald to leave.

“I went to my room and I broke. I didn’t know what to else to do. I was so terrified that my daughter was getting taken from me,” she said.

According to the affidavit, Walborn’s mother-in-law told police it was apparent that McDonald was “drunk or messed up on something”, as the suspect had difficulty standing and “began rattling off a bunch of numbers.”

Assistant Chief Ryan McNeil with the Cherokee Police says McDonald was arrested in September for public intoxication, but she was only recently charged with the felonies. There is an active warrant out for her arrest.

“This is one of the weirder ones,” said Assistant Chief McNeil. “We’re not exactly sure where she resides at. We got several addresses, and we haven’t been able to locate her. The last place that I’m aware of myself where she was living was out of Nash, Oklahoma.”

Walborn says she immediately filed a protective order against McDonald after the incident.

“I don’t want anybody to have to go through that, and I feel for everybody that’s happened to because I know how it feels now and it is terrifying,” said Walborn.

Anyone with information on McDonald’s whereabouts is urged to contact Cherokee Police at 580-596-3326.