OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma man was allegedly so outraged after being refused a room at a metro hotel, that he shot out one of its sliding glass doors with a BB gun. 

“He threatened that he was going to come back, shoot the windows out, vandalize the property,” said Dillon Quirk, with the Oklahoma City Police Department. 

Gary Mebane allegedly made good on his threat. The encounter happened at the Biltmore Hotel on S. Meridian Ave. 

Court records reveal Mebane has had “previous incidents” at the hotel and was denied a room because he’s on “their list of people they no longer rent to.” 

After the denial, Mebane then warned he would “come back and shoot out the windows of the property,” according to court documents.  

“A few moments later he did,” said Quirk. 

While still driving his van, Mebane allegedly shot BB gun pellets at the hotel, shattering one of the sliding glass doors. Court documents say as Mebane was shooting, a maintenance worker was walking out of the hotel.

“[Mebane] was asked to leave,” said Quirk.

As Mebane was driving away, he allegedly nearly struck the maintenance worker with his van.

That worker, who told KFOR his manager did not want him to talk on camera, said to police that, “he believed it was intentional and Gary was trying to hit him.” He added that Mebane was only “a few inches” away from doing so. 

“Ultimately officers were able to identify this person and a warrant has been issued for his arrest,” said Quirk, 

The damage to the glass door window totaled nearly $3,000, according to court records. 

OCPD said thankfully no one was hurt. 

Mebane is now facing felony charges for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and malicious injury to property.