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BLANCHARD, Okla. – A recent high school graduate in Blanchard is beating the odds, which have been against him most of his life.

Plagued by epileptic seizures since he was seven, one recently left him in such a bad situation he couldn’t even walk.

But, he’s not letting that keep him down.

For 13 years, Ty Goodwin has lived with a lot of uncertainty.

Each day, not knowing if he would end up in the hospital.

“Epilepsy, seizures,” Goodwin said.

Last October, he fell at the wrong place and at the wrong time. During a seizure, his feet ended up on a high-powered heater.

“And basically just burnt the bottom of my feet,” he recalled.

Goodwin was unable to walk and bound to a wheelchair, all while dealing with the anxiety of the possibility of seizures at school.

The struggle was so bad that he had already dropped out previously.

“If you have one just in class, people are going to obviously say something about it,” Goodwin said.

This time he wasn’t going to quit and signed up for online schooling at Insight School of Oklahoma.

Goodwin was excelling with teachers he never saw, but still had an impact over the phone.

At age 20, Goodwin graduated this year as a straight-A student.

He still lives with the fear and uncertainty of his condition.

“It’s a daily thing,” Goodwin said.

But, he is fighting through it.

Goodwin is going to Mid-America Technology Center for network systems. He dreams of a career in IT and eventually working for Dell.