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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Attorney General Mike Hunter is responding to claims in an ABC 20/20 special that the DNA evidence found on a bandanna allegedly worn by Julius Jones during the murder of Paul Howell in 1999 does “not constitute a match under law enforcement standards.” 

“The conclusive results of the DNA profile show the probability of the DNA belonging to someone other than Jones is 1 in 110 million,” Attorney General Mike Hunter said during a press conference last week. 

Hunter is talking about the infamous red bandanna allegedly worn by death row inmate Julius Jones the night Paul Howell was murdered in Edmond in 1999. 

“This bandana was tested for his accomplice, Chris Jordan’s DNA. Chris Jordan’s DNA was not found on that bandana,” Hunter said. 

Dale Baich, one of Julius’ federal public defenders, has said they believe it’s possible Julius was framed and that the murder weapon, wrapped in that bandanna, was planted in his bedroom where investigators found it. 

“There were also at least three other male DNA profiles on the bandanna, but that DNA was too degraded to compare to other known DNA profiles,” Baich told News 4 on Wednesday. 

The topic was touched on in an ABC 20/20 special once again on Tuesday night.

“The lab determined that there was a partial DNA profile that was consistent with Julius DNA profile at 7 out fo 21 tested genetic markers. These results do not constitute a match under law enforcement standards,” Amanda Bass, another public defender for Julius Jones, said in the special. 

News 4 talked to AG Hunter about that statement on Wednesday. 

“The term ‘match’ really isn’t relevant to the use of a DNA test,” Hunter said. “The standard for somebody being convicted in a criminal case is beyond a reasonable doubt and so, a DNA test is all about probability.”

Baich, his team and Julius’ family are standing behind Julius and his claim he’s innocent while they wait for the pardon and parole board to review their application for clemency. 

“I want to be absolutely clear, my son Julius is not guilty of Mr. Howell’s murder,” Jones’ mom said at a press conference last week. 

“We don’t even know if the bandana the shooter wore was the same one found in Julius’ room,” Baich said. 

Hunter told News 4 the creators of the 20/20 documentary have never reached out to him for a comment or interview.