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YUKON, Okla. – A vigilant mother helps authorities nab an alleged internet predator, just hours after she discovered her teenage son’s conversations with the man on Facebook.

The Canadian County Sheriff’s Office says Michael Goddard, 23, of Oklahoma City, pretended to be a teenage girl on Facebook to lure in a 14-year-old Yukon boy and admitted to possibly hundreds of other victims.

He was arrested Friday night.

Goddard allegedly used the name “Nicole Tinner” and used a fake photo to flirt with hundreds of juvenile boys on Facebook.

The “girl” offered to have sex with the boys, but first, the minors were asked to post nude pictures and videos of themselves and meet Goddard.

“He is a monster,” Lt. Adam Flowers said Tuesday. “As the images progress, more clothes come off.”

He said the Yukon teen was told, “you need to make sure there’s plenty of light on your body, so turn the lights on too” and “a minute and 50 seconds (video) is short. Lol. I wanna movie of my baby boy.”

“He then blackmailed these minors, (saying) ‘if you don’t give me more, I’m going to post these on the internet. I’m going to send them to your friends’,” Flowers said.

Goddard then allegedly worked himself into the conversation to set up meetup times for sex.

“It absolutely terrified me that there was someone out there who sought him out so aggressively,” the teenage victim’s mother said, “and that (my son) was so trusting of that person.”

She said she made her son give her his Facebook password and couldn’t believe her eyes.

“(He was) just constantly messaging over and over, ‘where are you at? What are you doing? When can I see you? When will you come?'” she recalled.

After she called authorities, Goddard was arrested at his job within hours.

Flowers said they found dozens of pornographic photos of minors on computers at Goddard’s apartment in Oklahoma City.

Sheriff Randall Edwards called the boy’s mom “a hero” for getting involved.

“It’s your job as a parent,” she said. “It’s your job to be involved in their lives and know who they’re talking to and what they’re doing.”

Flowers said there’s no evidence of Goddard having any physical contact with his victims, yet.

Tuesday, another teenage boy was identified as being propositioned by the same account.

Charges against Goddard are pending.