OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma woman charged with murder in the death of her 3-year-old granddaughter has allegedly sent a handwritten letter and proposal to KFOR asking for money and materials in exchange for an exclusive interview about her story.

The handwritten letter, delivered by mail to KFOR Friday, was dated August 5th, lists the Cleveland County Detention Center as the return address, and is stamped on the back with an inmate mail stamp.

Back in July, Vreeland told a judge she wanted to represent herself in the case.

The letter tells of her desperate need for defense materials and money to prepare for that defense because she’s penniless in exchange for exclusive access to her entire story, “without reservation.”

The letter specifically asks for $1500 for a jailatm.com account and another $1000 check mailed or delivered directly to the jail for outside research.

The letter also requests several supplies so Vreeland may “do her work and clear her mind in preparation for her trial”, including: five OG Mandino books, five adult coloring books containing oceans, food, fruits, animals, flowers or nature of any kind, five packs of colored pencils, five 8×10 tablets, two sketch pads, twelve legal tablets, forty stamped envelopes and two pairs of reading glasses.

The letter goes on to say, “by depositing the funds, I will realize you want the deal and won’t sign for anyone else.”

KFOR did not even consider the proposal because like most news organizations, the station has a policy of not paying for interviews.

KFOR did take the letter to a lawyer who said there’s nothing the prosecutors can use it for.

“It doesn’t go to any facts of the case,” said legal expert Ed Blau.

“It doesn’t go to her state of mind, just goes to the fact that she’s trying to make some money.”

A court hearing is scheduled for September to review her options for representation.