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ENID, Okla. – Enid police say a man armed with a crucifix attacked two priests Thursday at the St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church.

When Victor Munoz showed up here to church, the priests thought he was here to pray, but that’s when the alleged attack happened.

Police say they had to use a taser to get Munoz into custody.

It was a bizarre interruption inside this sacred space of peace and prayer Thursday afternoon.

“I was in the church praying, working on my homily, and  this man comes in, comes up to the front and lays on the ground in front of the altar, which is not totally uncommon,” Father Kelly Edwards said.

What happened next is not so common.

Father Edwards says Victor Munoz tried to climb on the tabernacle while he shouted, not making any sense.

“I did somewhat wrestle him down to the ground without knocking everything over,” Edwards said.

There was a struggle, and then things seemed to calm down.

Then, Father Edwards said Munoz took off into a side room and came back swinging a crucifix and charging toward the door, striking the two men in his way.

“It was kind of a jab in the jaw, and the pastor got more of a baseball swing in the face,” Edwards said.

Police put the school next door on lock down.

Body cam video shows Munoz wouldn’t stop for police.

Police used a taser on Munoz, finally getting him to release the stolen crucifix.

“Through the investigation they were able to determine that he had actually ingested numerous THC edible gummy bears. He told [police] he had taken a large amount of those gummy bears,” Enid Detective Sgt. Nick John said.

While Munoz is locked up, the doors to the church remain open.

“Our prayer request is now how do we have this be a house of prayer but also be a house of safety at the same time,” Edwards said.

The good news is everyone is expected to be okay.

News 4 is told Munoz had to have a pretty extensive medical evaluation before he could be booked into jail.

He’s facing a number of charges including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.