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NORMAN, Okla. – Upset parents are counter protesting anti-abortion picketers in Norman this week.

Brooklyn Jackson said the students, “walk right out of their school and are bombarded with horrible graphic pictures.”

Jackson is referring to the abortion images that are too explicit to show on television were on display outside Norman North High School.

This is the third day the group Abolish Human Abortion or AHA protested on the sidewalk.

Wednesday angry parents showed up to counter protest.

Chase Steffen, whose son is in the ninth grade, said, “This is pretty Westboro {like} and wouldn’t be tolerated in other places.”

His wife Miranda continued, “If I have to give my child permission to see a rated R movie then I should also have the right to protect him from graphic images like this.”

In the cold rain and wind, parents did their best to shield the students from the bloody posters with bed sheets.

Russell Hunter a member of AHA said “We see quite a few parents taking their teenagers to the abortion clinics,” said Russell Hunter, an AHA member. “If you’re not happy about our tactics we’ve given you the opportunity to tell your kids what you think about abortion.”

AHA members say getting the attention and sparking conversation is their goal.

AHA member Mackenzie Hoffman said, “I hate seeing the images as well it makes me sick but it is happening and people don’t realize it or understand it, but it’s real.”

After seeing these images, a few Norman North students agreed with the picketers.

Erika Garcia, a student at Norman North said, “There’s other choices. There’s adoption and you can use birth control to try to prevent it.”

However other students disagreed with what the way AHA was going about it.

Senior Renee Huerta said, “I completely respect what they are saying, I’ve heard their arguments on this issue but I think that they are going about this the wrong way.”

Parents just want them to stop showing up at school

“Its not really so much about the pro life part of it, its they need to stop messing with my kids.’

There was talk about AHA going to Norman Middle Schools next week but members tell us they do not plan on it.

However, if they do, they will not use the graphic posters used at the high school.

Members also said they did not hold up the most graphic pictures until special needs students were bused away.

The Norman School district has responded with the statement below:

“Norman Public Schools does not have any authority under law or local city ordinances to remove protesters who are on public sidewalks or easements, even when those sidewalks and easements directly border our school campuses.  We believe this poses a security hazard for our schools because it prevents us from completely securing our school perimeters and ensuring students have unimpeded entry to and exit from our school campuses.  Given compulsory school attendance is mandated by state law, schools have a moral obligation to make their campuses as safe as possible.
We have asked state lawmakers and local officials to consider a reasonable buffer zone around preK-12 schools so we can better secure our school perimeters, ensure safe entry and exit from school campuses, and maintain tranquil learning environments.”