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Warning:  This video contains graphic material and may not be suitable for all audiences.

OKLAHOMA CITY – A national animal rights group is calling a fundraiser for U.S. Senator, James Inhofe, cruel.

The group, called SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness), says they received an anonymous letter from someone claiming to be an Inhofe supporter, but was appalled at his latest fundraiser.

The president of SHARK, Steve Hindi, says one of their members bought a ticket to the event and took video inside.

“It was just a killing contest, just a blood festival,” said Hindi.

The video shows people throwing pigeons into the air, while others gathered with guns in a circle and shot at the birds.

“It’s pretty bad. I mean a thousand pigeons casually blasted for entertainment,” said Hindi.

The flyer for the Inhofe fundraiser called it an old world pigeon shoot, but Hindi calls it cruelty.

“It’s just an utter waste of life, an awful lot of suffering,” said Hindi.

As a mariachi band played in the background, shooters, including a man SHARK identifies as Senator Inhofe, shoot away.

Hindi says many of the pigeons had bands around their ankles, meaning they’re not wild birds.

They were raised and then abandoned.

Their video shows the injured birds limping around the field.

“The killing field, after a couple of hours, is just littered with bodies, dead and alive,” said Hindi.

Hindi says many pigeons in these kinds of shoots escape injured and they linger for hours or days before dying from their wounds.

He had strong words to describe the type of person he says participates in something like this.

“I consider it to be real cowardice and I believe the only people who take part in this kind of thing are corrupt,” said Hindi.

Hindi says he does not have a political agenda.

We called and e-mailed Inhofe’s office, but did not get a response back.

Click here to watch the video of the pigeon shoot.(Warning: Some viewers may find the content of the video disturbing.)