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OKLAHOMA CITY – While animal shelters across the state work tirelessly to adopt out hundreds of animals every week, you might be surprised at how many of those adopted animals make their way back to the shelter because their owners don’t want them anymore.

As News Channel 4 found, they are taken back for some pretty bizarre reasons that you might not believe.

Sniffing her cage, Stephie knows she has been here before.

She was returned to the shelter after just three days.

“She wasn’t getting along with her other dog,” Job Gary said with the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare.

Forty out of 125 adopted dogs are brought back every week in Oklahoma City.

As you move down the line of cages, each dog has been returned for reasons that grow strange.

A the chihuahua was returned Sunday because she is deaf; the owner only had her a few short days.

Shelter workers have even heard stories of possessed pups.

“While he was sleeping, the lab would lick him in the face and things like that,” Gary said. “So, he thought the lab was possessed.

A Memphis dog was returned because the owner said it was gay and wanted it euthanized.

An excuse the Oklahoma City shelter has heard across their desk.

They’ve also had to take back tiny kittens thought to have dangerous power.

“They returned the kitten because they thought it was going to hurt the Rottweiler,” Gary said.

A woman brought back her puppy because she said it played too much with her children.

Volunteers saud the excuses from potty problems to getting fur on the couch all boil down to people making quick decisions.

“This is something you should definitely think of for a while,” Ashley Compton said. “Dogs can live 20 years so it’s a lifetime commitment.”

Directors said it’s important to remember training and adjusting to a new home can take time for a pet.

However, if you have just had enough, bring them back.

“We gladly take returns,” Gary said.

They will help you find a pet that better fits your family.

If you’re feeling frustrated with your dog and need training advice, you can click here for some helpful training information.