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NORMAN,Okla.-For the second year, a group of anti-abortion supporters is standing in protest in front of Norman High School, but its the images they bring with them that has many up in arms.

The anti abortion group was set up on the sidewalk right in front of the high school. Many were upset not about the message, but how that message is being sent.

Students took matters into their own hands.

“I think they’re disgusting, they’re just trying to exploit the disgusting and graphic nature,” Juan Daza, a student said.

“We don’t appreciate the images that are being shown, we don’t appreciate them taking away from our education, our lunch period,” Jessica Riley, a student counter-protest organizer says.

The group Abolish Human Abortion uses  graphic images of aborted fetuses as a tactic to share their message to high school students like the ones at Norman high school.

“These kids have seen way worse in movies and online and YouTube and stuff like that than anything we’re showing,” Greg Danelz, a member of AHA said.

They use the images, they say, to show a reality of what happens after an abortion.

“It’s just awareness building really,” Danelz said.

Students counter protesting say it’s not awareness.

“I’m not here to tell you that your views are wrong, I’m here to tell you that this is our school and it’s not a battlefield for you to come and try to shove your views down children’s throats,” Riley says.

“I cannot concentrate because of this, that image is going through my head every time i do mathematics,” Daza said.

School officials say they are aware of the issue and has a message for parents.

“Have discussions with their students about the wisdom of not engaging with people you don’t know who they are whether there are protesters or they’re strangers,” Shelly Hickman with Norman Public Schools says. Capture

The group says they typically stand outside of the school for about a week.

They told us they would not be present tomorrow due to a conference in Tulsa.

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