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HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – An Arkansas gun range owner is defending her decision to ban Muslims from her business.

The Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range welcomes anyone except Muslims.

Jan Morgan, the owner, says she made the decision to keep her gun range a “Muslim-free zone” in the name of safety.

In an article on her website, she states the Koran contains 109 verses commanding hate, murder and terror.

Hundreds of fans support her, but not everyone feels the same.

One man says he and his father were asked to leave and they are not even Muslims.

They’re of Indian descent and are Hindu.

“She just said ‘you know, I don’t think you guys belong here’,” the man told NBC affiliate KARK.

The man says when he walked into the gun range, he was immediately asked where he was from.

“She mentions that this is a Muslim-free gun range and if you are then please leave,” the man said.

The man says even after he let the owner know he was Hindu, he was still asked to leave.

However, the owner of the range told KARK that she never asks if someone is a Muslim, or where they’re from.

Jan Morgan says she makes those decisions based on people’s behavior and whether she feels safety would be compromised.

She says the two people in questions were asked to leave because of safety concerns, not because of race or religion.

“We have a number of people with all colors of skin who shoot here, including Indian / Hindu religion folks who have joined our membership and some of them actually have sought out my services for private training, which I provided,” Morgan wrote on Facebook.

According to KARK, legal professionals say Morgan may be allowed to discriminate because she acts as a “private club.”


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