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MIDWEST CITY Okla. (KFOR) – New details are surfacing about a former Midwest City Middle School teacher, who allegedly sent naked pictures and an inappropriate video to a 16-year-old high school student in the district, over social media. 

Since first reporting on the accusations about a week ago, KFOR has learned that the former teacher is 28-year-old Ivy Reneau and there’s now a warrant out for her arrest. 

New court documents filed in Oklahoma County District Court reveal that Reneau, who’s also a former assistant soccer coach, met the teen at a practice and “heard rumors that he liked her and wanted to watch her run.” 

Reneau then allegedly added the 16-year-old on Snapchat. 

“Oftentimes with young people and our teachers there’s an implied sense of trust,” said Patrick Allmond, a social media expert. “One of the advantages of Snapchat has been that it’s very short, it’s very quick and then it disappears and theoretically, it’s gone forever.” 

The court documents detail that Reneau allegedly sent the teen three or four nude photos and an inappropriate video. The teen showed the pictures to a few of his teammates, according to court records. 

“Before you hit send, you should assume that you might as well be taking that picture and posting it on a billboard on the side of, you know, Broadway Extension,” said Allmond. 

The documents say Reneau admitted to a Midwest City Police Detective that she sent the pictures. She also denied there was ever a physical relationship between the two but confessed, “they talked about hanging out one time, but never went through with it.” 

When KFOR first reported on the investigation the district sent us the following statement: 

“District officials were notified of an alleged relationship between a Mid-Del staff member and a student. We reported the information to law enforcement so that they could begin an investigation. The staff member is no longer employed by Mid-Del Schools, and we have worked closely with the family of the student in the wake of this accusation. We will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities.”


Reneau is now facing a felony charge for Using Technology to Engage in Communication for Sexual or Prurient Interest with a Minor. According to court documents, she hasn’t been taken into custody yet.