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UPDATE: Bravo is in no way affiliated with this project.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Instead of New Jersey or Beverly Hills, a group is looking for real housewives right here in Oklahoma City.

It’s not official yet but Bravo is interested and the socialites showed up Thursday to show them what Oklahoma City has to offer.

“Lisa! Lisa Vanderpump! I love her! She is straight forward,” Carol Hefner said. “Her husband adores her. My husband adores me!”

One by one, women hand-picked from well-known families sat in the hot seat and showed the camera why they should be one of the next Real Housewives of Oklahoma City.

Los Angeles producer Annette Latham pitched the idea to Bravo.

“We want to see how they talk,” Latham said. “How they are on television and do they photograph well.”

Latham wants women who have made names for themselves.

Eva Aranda is married to Damien Aranda, musician and worship pastor at Life Church.

She said she was a stay-at-home mother but was “miserable.”

She started her own esthetician company called “Beauty by Eva.”

Carol Hefner, married to Robert Hefner IV, has started a family foundation with her husband and served on numerous boards around the state.

She even ran for State Senate in 2011.

The women said they want to show Bravo that Oklahoma City is worthy.

They were filmed in their natural habitat, chit-chatting, getting to know each other and gossiping.

They even asked KFOR-TV reporter Paige Hill to step in as Andy Cohen.

The women know there will be drama but they intend to represent Oklahoma with class.

“Without being stale boring or dull, we are gracious but we’re fun,” Hefner said. “We’re spicy, we’re saucy, we shake it up but we do it with grace and dignity.”