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HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania – Firefighters say an “off-brand hoverboard” sparked a fire Friday night that killed a three-year-old child in Pennsylvania and critically injured two other children.

Ashanti Hughes passed away Saturday morning, while her two sisters are hospitalized in critical condition.

“They heard some sizzling and crackling in the hoverboard and shortly thereafter, it exploded in flames,” Harrisburg Fire Chief Brian Enterline said at a press conference.

Fire crews say one victim jumped from the second story to escape the flames, while firefighters used a ladder to rescue two other girls and their father.

A teenage boy was also treated for smoke inhalation.

The girl’s family and the fire department both suffered a heartbreaking loss that night.

Several firefighters were leaving the funeral of a retired fireman who had died of cancer.

Fire Lt. Dennis DeVoe was leaving the funeral and heading to the fire station to pick up his gear to respond to the scene when fire officials say his vehicle was hit and by a drunk driver in a stolen car.

Lt. DeVoe, a 21-year veteran of the Harrisburg Fire Service, died a few hours later.

“Our hearts are broken and we grieve for the loss of our brother. Our resolve is strong and our will unwavering as we move forward with our service to the City of Harrisburg just as Denny would have said is a must,” Enterline said at a press conference.

Police later arrested 19-year-old Khanyae Kendall when she showed up at a hospital emergency room.

Kendall is charged with leaving the scene of an accident, driving under the influence, receiving stolen property, aggravated assault by vehicle, and making false reports to law enforcement.

Kendall was charged while Lt. DeVoe was still alive.

Authorities say more charges against Kendall are pending since Lt. DeVoe has since passed away.