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OKLAHOMA CITY – In less than 24 hours, Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at the state fair.

Thousands of people are expected to gather at the bandshell stage in hopes of hearing his speech.

The scheduling didn’t come without controversy.

It’s the place where another act was kicked off the stage to make room for The Donald.

Some local artists said Trump was inconsiderate with his timing.

“Donald Trump had decided just very recently to come, so everyone at the fair has been trying to accommodate him to allow him to come and have his speech,” said Elecktra Autrey, a band member of the Uncanny Violet Unicorn.

“We were contacted by the republican party about three weeks ago with the possibility of Mr. Trump having an appearance here,” said Scott Munz, vice president of marketing and public relations for the Oklahoma State Fair. “Of course, we were excited about it.”

An accommodation that came at the hands of cutting other stage acts.

“We got an email,” Autrey said. “[It said] ‘We, regretfully, inform you that we will have to be booting some of the musicians to accommodate Donald Trump.'”

Musicians like their band, the Uncanny Violet Unicorn.

“Matthew and I spent about a six-month period specifically working on our set list, just for this show,” Autrey said about her band-mate.

And, now, they’ve gone from the big stage to a smaller set at the beer and wine garden.

“It can be a little frustrating when an outside force comes and pushes you off stage to talk about other things,” Autrey said.

“Like his politics or not, being part of the presidential candidate process is a big deal not only for the Oklahoma State Fair but for the state of Oklahoma in general,” Munz said.

While Autrey is grateful the band didn’t get completely canceled, she did mention Trump should schedule things with more anticipation.

“He’s probably used to having his way, because he is a multi-millionaire, a famous person,” Autrey said. “Sometimes, you can forget that the little people just trying to make ends meet, we work really hard too.”

State fair crews are expected to continue working throughout the night to prepare for Trump’s arrival.