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BARTLESVILLE, Okla. – A group of Oklahoma students say enough is enough.

Budget cuts over the past several years have negatively impacted numerous state agencies, including the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Now, the department is preparing for another round of cuts.

Earlier this week, the House and Senate passed a measure that would cut about $45 million from state agencies in order to help balance this fiscal year’s budget.

The Oklahoma Department of Education told News 4 that it will be hit with $16.2 million worth of cuts in the final months of the 2018 fiscal budget.

Now, a group of students at an Oklahoma school district is prepared to take a stand.

On Friday morning, hundreds of students in Bartlesville walked out of class, despite objections from district officials.

“We’ve had teachers who have had to take up to three jobs and teachers on food stamps,” Aarya Ghonasgi, a junior at Bartlesville High School, told KJRH.

In 2016, Bartlesville Public Schools eliminated 21 teaching positions due to budget cuts.

“Some of the greatest achievements in our history have come from peaceful protests,” said Chloe Maye, said Bartlesville High School senior.

District officials say any student who walked out of class would be marked as absence.