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EDMOND, Okla. – Two teens are in trouble with the law after a fight over an e-cigarette.

Authorities say the incident happened Wednesday in a bathroom at Edmond Santa Fe High School.

During the ordeal, one of the boys kicked the other in the face, sending him to the emergency room.

Someone posted a video of the fight to Instagram and the video was shared with News 4.

“The video is very unfortunate. This video shows students making some very, very poor choices,” said Susan Parks-Schleep, spokesperson for Edmond Public Schools. “Our reaction as a district is that this is not the way to handle disputes and it’s certainly not behavior that we condone. Our schools have to be a place of safety and of civility.”

Police were called and both teens were cited for disorderly conduct and the school sent a note to parents on Thursday.

“The fight had been making the rounds as it were on social media,” said Parks-Schlepp. “And any time that happens, sometimes the rumor mill can get going. We wanted to make sure the parents had the correct information about what happened.”

Police confirm the incident and say both boys will have to appear before a judge in juvenile court.

We’ve been told the boy who was kicked suffered a concussion.

The district says it can’t comment on disciplinary actions taken against the boys by the school due to privacy protocols.