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YUKON, Okla.– Despite the scorching temperatures, Yukon’s city park is still packed with Poke-players daily, glued to their phones.

Problem is, as the sun sets police say the crowd simply grows, even past curfew.

“There’s like 40-50 people out there, and this is after midnight, near 1:00 in the morning,” explained Major Mitch Hoskins, with Yukon Police.

Police say in just the last week, they’ve responded on 77 ‘suspicious subject’ calls, a majority of which turned out to be Pokemon masters in training.

One officer even came face to face with a trainer, who wasn’t paying attention behind the wheel.

“[Officer] was traveling,” said Hoskins. “Topped the crest of the hill, and there was a car head on coming at him. He took evasive action and was able to swerve to miss the car.”

Nobody was injured in the incident.

Police say the driver of the car was cited for inattentive driving.

It’s more than an app, more than a game, Pokemon Go is turning groups of strangers into an organized hunting pack.

Yukon Police are simply asking people to pay attention, and please leave the city parks by midnight.

“Have fun playing the game, that`s no problem, but be mindful of the city ordinances,” said Hoskins.

Yukon Police say they’ll soon be adding more signs to parks around town, and possibly even more fencing to stem the tide of these late night Poke-players.

They’ll also be stepping up enforcement, and handing out citations for those at the park past close.