SIMI VALLEY, California (KFOR/Storyful) – A woman opened her kitchen door after baking a fresh chocolate cake and the aroma lured a bear inside her home, prompting her to lock herself and her son in a bedroom and call police.

Police in Simi Valley, California say they had already received reports that a bear took a dip in a neighbor’s pool, the day before following the wafts of cake to the woman’s home on September 4th.

When authorities responded, they saw the bear in the kitchen, but it quickly raced into the backyard, ignored the family’s dog, and took a flying leap over the fence and into a tree. There was no trace of the freshly-baked cake.

Video at the top of this story shows officials armed with a less lethal launcher, which deploys rubber projectiles – however, they never needed to fire it.

“After 10 minutes, the bear climbed down and retreated back into the hills,” the Simi Valley PD posted.

SMPD gave the following tips on avoiding a bear encounter:

  • Secure trash cans and remove any attractants such as pet food and bird feeders.
  • Enclose your compost pile.
  • Keep your grill clean and free of drippings.
  • Check your yard before letting out your dog.
  • Stay calm and do not approach the bear.
  • From a safe distance, make loud noises, shout, or bang pots and pans to scare away the bear.