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SHAWNEE, Okla. – 29-year-old Brandon Killian is facing up to 18 years in prison for charges from a brutal attack that was caught on video in late June. One of the charges is preparing false evidence; the district attorney said that’s not for his role during the beating but for hitting himself in the face while in police custody to make the fight look like self defense.

While in custody, Killian claimed he was injured during the fight.

“This side of my face hurts, yes,” he told police. “The side of my face where, look right here, where I was first socked.”

An officer stepped out of the room to get a camera to take pictures of the injuries, then you can see Killian in the video and punch himself multiple times in the face.

“Lying to the police and creating a false report will not be tolerated,” DA Allan Grubb said. “Mr. Killian has been charged accordingly.”

After weeks in the hospital, the victim of last months’s attack, Jarric Carolina, is back home with family.

“Whatever confrontations took place,” said Carolina’s attorney, Edward Maguire, “my belief is they were an attempt to lure my client out into the parking lot so they could tag team him and beat the living crud out of him.”

Monday, Carolina and his family gathered at the Pottawatomie County Courthouse to see Killian face a judge, but Killian did not show up at the hearing. He’s currently in the Oklahoma County Jail for a separate drug court violation.

When he does get his day in court, the Carolina family hopes both videos lead to a maximum sentence for Killian.

“One thing that will go viral is the video of the defendant beating the crud out of his face after he had already talked to an officer,” Maguire said. “The thing speaks for itself.”