EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR)- An Edmond resident says he has received three utility bills from the city in a span of one month.

Last KFOR spoke with City of Edmond officials, they said, “What will happen is there will not be a bill for that next month. So it’s not like there’s an extra bill. It’s just a more condensed billing cycle,” said Moore.

However, long-time Edmond resident, Alan Colvin said he just received a third bill after paying two others that were due in August.

“I was really shocked. I was going to be okay with the two bills in August, because I was covered for the next month. Lo and behold, open the mail and boom,” said Colvin.

The third bill totals $231.62.

The other two bills were $213.56 and $247.45 which were due August 1 and 25.

The total of all three are just over $692.

Each billing cycle for those bills were about 30 days, which the city said meets their reading expectation of 25-35 days.

The City of Edmond’s Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Bill Begley said because of the the Fourth of July holiday, it threw their billing cycle off a bit.

“He [Colvin] had a bill that showed up August 1st. Well, it really should have shown up at the end of July, but because of the July 4th holiday, it delayed the readings in the process,” explained Begley.

Begley added it takes anywhere from four to six days to process readings before the bill is sent to customers.

Colvin said in his 50 years of living in Edmond though, he has never experienced multiple bills in one month.

According to Begley though, this tends to happen every year where a resident will have to pay two bills in the same month.

“Especially at the end of the year, oftentimes people will not see a bill in February because of the holidays in December and January. Sometimes the January bill is delayed because of all the holidays in December and November,” added Begley.

Aside from the concern of several bills in one month, some residents also say their utility bills are much higher than usual.

Colleen Moody’s utility bill for last month totals $983.

Moody said she isn’t doing anything differently to cause the hike in price.

“Everything is based off your usage. So did you have your thermostat turned on? Was it turned up high? Could there be an issue with your equipment? Do you have leaks? Plus, remember, everything you’re seeing in your bill is not just your electric bill. It’s your electric bill, your water bill, it’s the wastewater fee, it’s your solid waste charge,” said Begley. “Those kind of spikes are not unusual when it’s this time of year in Oklahoma because of the weather. But there are also ways that you as a customer can control some of your costs.”

For the first 1,400 metered kWh, the cost of electricity is $0.0851 from June through September. For each additional metered hour, it’s $0.0957.

May and October are “shoulder seasons” which cost $0.0851/metered kWh.

From November to April, the first 600 kWh/month is $0.0851 and then $0.0485/metered kWh after that.

OG&E offers the first 600 kWh per month at $0.0635 with each additional hour costing $0.0243 cents.

In an effort to help residents save on their utility bills, the City of Edmond is currently installing smart meters for residents who opted into that program.

The installation will take about 18 months and will be installed at no additional charge.

If a resident opts out of the program, there will be an additional charge of $15/month on the utility bill to help pay for the physical meter readers.

There is no additional charge on current bills for physical meter readers, according to Begley.

There will be a two cent increase in the fuel surcharge on next month’s bill though.

“You’re talking a few dollars. It’s going from .17 cents to point $0.02 per kilowatt hour. And that literally just covers the cost of what it takes for us to buy wholesale power, which is going up because of a variety of rises in prices, including natural gas,” added Begley.

He said the cost of wholesale power for July was nearly $12 million where as the cost was $7.8 million last year.

Begley said there will be a new online payment portal this fall. He added the new portal is able to give “next day information on your usage and next day information on your costs.”