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BETHANY, Okla. (KFOR) – A group of Bethany High School students is working on an experiment that will be tested by NASA in space.

“Being able to say we helped design an experiment that’s being conducted in space because that’s not something everybody’s able to say,” said Andrew Ratterman, a junior.

The group of juniors and one sophomore AP Biology students came up with a proposal to present to NASA. They needed to find an experiment that could be tested in space with the only variable being micro-gravity.

Eventually, they decided to study mosquitoes and how they bite.

“So maybe they won’t be able to bite anymore is a possibility,” said Amie Sellers, their teacher.

After putting together the perfect proposal, they got good news.

NASA is inviting them to Florida this summer to watch their experiment launch into space. Their families were shocked.

“They didn’t believe me, they thought I was joking around but I wasn’t,” Hudson Howard, a junior, said.

The class just got 1,000 mosquito eggs to put to the test, making sure everything is ready for the opportunity of a lifetime.

“Not only is it good for college applications but the whole holistic process of it of just being involved in the scientific community and getting to be involved with actual scientists,” Ben Brody, a sophomore, said.

They’re already recognized for their smarts as National Honors Society members but this honor is different.

“Every one of those students can say I make straight As, but not many students can say I’ve written a proposal for scientific research for NASA,” said Sellers.

Some students in Enid are getting the same opportunity as well.