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Bad news for football fans, when your favorite NFL team loses – you may end up gaining weight.

New research explores how football fans make themselves feel better when they find themselves on the losing side of the score board.

Super Bowl Sunday is not a diet to diet.

There’s no salad bar at a Super Bowl party. Most fans keep chicken wings, pizza, and giant meatballs on hand.

But if your team loses, watch what you eat on Monday.

Lisa Cimperman a registered dietician says “We’re more emotionally tied to our eating habits than we even realize.”

Researchers in France analyzed Americans’ football-related food habits. They found people living in cities with NFL teams consumed more calories and more saturated fat the day after the loss.

Despite the beliefs of superstitious Broncos or Seahawks fans, you can not change the outcome of the game.

You can change how you handle the tough loss.

According to Cimperman, “Either get rid of the leftovers, only make enough so you don’t have leftovers, give it away.””That one day is not that bad, you just need to get back into your healthy eating habits and regular exercise routine the next day.”