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TISHOMINGO, Okla. – It’s a little restaurant in a small town that happens to have a lot of star power.

“For me, it’s as simple as, this is my home,” said country singer Blake Shelton.

He says his new restaurant, OLE RED, is more than just a homecoming. He wants people to experience the community.

“You know, to come here and have a good time,” said Shelton. “Hear some music and have a burger and a drink or something, and then walk out of these doors and go, ‘oh my gosh! There’s that over there. There’s this down here,’” said Shelton.

Shelton held a private concert to launch his new restaurant, with more than $30,000 in proceeds going to charity.

“Words can’t explain it,” said Carl Atteberry, with the organization J.C. Reaching Out. “I mean, I’ve been fortunate enough, I’ve known Blake for several years now. He’s come in here and when we talk he said, ‘hey, what organization is there that really helps,’ and I told him this is a community organization and he said, ‘I’m in!’”

J.C. Reaching out helps families in Johnston County who are dealing with illness and expenses.

Shelton’s restaurant will also feature southern dishes and a bar. But you may just see Shelton himself.

“That’s my dream. That’s my vision,” said Shelton. “Somebody coming in here one day from wherever, stopping in to get a drink and I happen to be sitting here playing my guitar, singing some music.”

Shelton will hold a free concert for the public in downtown Tishomingo on Saturday, Sept. 30.

The gates open at 5 p.m.