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Remember Roho Hartman?

He’s the Oklahoma man who, in his own colorful way, told the story of how “The Voice” coach Blake Shelton rescued him back in June when his truck became stuck in floodwaters.

“My wife called me and I said, Blake Shelton pulled me out and he’s gonna bring me on home,” Roho told KFOR’s Adam Snider. “Told her ‘you better slick up, we’ll be there in just a minute.’”

While doing interviews for the upcoming season of “The Voice,” Shelton talked about the viral encounter.

“I haven’t seen Roho since the day that happened. That guy. I knew when he got in my truck that day and I drove him home that he was a character, but I didn’t really realize the level of how funny that guy is until I saw some of the interviews after the fact. And he’s become like this legendary character in Oklahoma now. That guy needs his own show for sure,” Shelton said.

Web Exclusive: Roho talks about being rescued by Blake Shelton

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