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SACRAMENTO, Cali. (CBS13)— A bystander actually witnessed Sam the Boston terrier as he took a 15-story plunge into a hot tub and walked right out.

Sam is a 13-year-old partially blind dog who wandered to the corner of the balcony and fell to what should have been his doom.

Miraculously, the pup drifted in mid-air and landed in a hot tub at the bottom.

“The dog actually, when he goes into hot tub, he hits it almost dead center and then he starts swimming immediately, instinctually in the hot tub to try to find his way out, and he got to the steps and then he pulled his way out,” said Bill McCourt, the lucky dog’s owner.

He suffered five broken ribs and several fractures to his pelvis in the plunge. But he is currently in recovering at an animal hospital and expected to return home this weekend.

“It’s just ridiculous luck. I mean, there’s just no other way about it,” McCourt said.

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